My Christmas gift to myself – Fender 2 watts Greta tube amp

My Christmas gift to myself - Fender 2 watts Greta tube amp

I bought this beauty today, a collectible amp as Fender stopped to produce it.

For the description, this is a 2 watts tube amp with a very cool look. It’s obviously not very powerful but it sounds really cool for someone like me who need a tiny amp to practice in his room to play blues. The clean sound is very good and as soon as you turn the volume up a little bit the amp starts to crank up and gives you that nice dirty sound.
Finally as all tubes amps it needs a bit of time to warm up to sound at its best!



December 16, 2013 · 9:23 pm

7 responses to “My Christmas gift to myself – Fender 2 watts Greta tube amp

  1. Nice amp! I play through a 4-watt Vox tube amp, but usually set the selector to 1 or even 1/4 watt to get the gritty sound at low volumes!

  2. How did you create the cabinet? That looks great!

  3. What a nice little piece of technology here…. Little details like this makes us wanna play more and more…. I miss having a guitar. If I would I would so follow your clips and learn them all!! Do you like Frank Zappa?? It was one of my favorite show with King Crimson and Iggy Pop. Quite dofferent worlds I know but hey..Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t!! I would be pleased to have a talk with you on Fb or by email or whatever… Add me to your FB plz!! TY!

    • hey, thanks a lot for your message that’s very nice! you know you should totally get a new guitar, it’s easy you can rent one at a music store or you can buy a cheap one (squier & epiphone are great value for money). for the style of music I play and listen, I’m more into blues rock as you can see 🙂 and I don’t know why I’ve never been a big fan of Zappa even if I have to say that he damn creative.

      • Well Zappa appeals to some weird parts of ourselves. LMAO!! Thanks for the info. I’m trying to focus on writing cuz it’s my true gift and photo too but I love music.

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