Guitar Legend #8

Guitar Legend #8

Eric Clapton deserves to be on the lists of my guitar legends.
I do think that he is a bit overrated, people call him god, I think you can find better guitarists out there. Nevertheless, you can´t denay the fact that he wrote great songs (Layla, Sunshine of your love, Cocaine, Old Love, …), he inspired a lot of guitar players (me included ;)) and hit the right notes at the right moment!
Long life to him!



July 5, 2013 · 2:18 pm

9 responses to “Guitar Legend #8

  1. mark

    Totally agree. He might of been God but then Jimi turned up.
    That said though, “Layla” is a tune and a half and Mr. Clapton has done a lot to increase people’s interest in early blues from the likes of Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy and so for that alone, respect is due.

  2. I have never understood the fuss over Clapton, to be honest. His best work was with Cream (Badge, White Room) and for me the pinnacle of his solo work was 461 Ocean Boulevard.
    He almost always stays in the same key and his solos have little variation.
    Jeff Beck’s musicality leaves Slowhand a million miles behind.
    He guested at Ronnie Scott’s when Jeff Beck played there. You should check out the Youtube video.
    Eric looks out of his depth.
    I am sure the ”God” epithet was more of a curse to Clapton than anything.
    Not to be pedantic Cocaine is a JJ Cale song.- and it’s nicer by JJ

  3. This features Beck and Clapton playing Because we’ve ended as lovers.”
    Beck soars.

    • Thanks for the link and the comment 🙂 Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton are both part of contemporary music history.

      • For what its worth I have an original Bluesbreakers album (LP) featuring Clapton -the one he is reading the Beano on the cover!
        Picked it up in a second hand record shop in the UK 34 years ago!
        I wonder what it’s worth today?

  4. Hi Alexmusicovery, thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out my Strat upgrade project…
    I agree that Clapton is a tremendous player and he should definitely be included in a list of the best players. If you only wish to look at one aspect of his playing, say speed or pure technical ability, he is not going to top the list. But those aspects are only parts of “total musicianship,” right? I’ll take Clapton’s musical intuition, his ability to play within a wide variety of genres, his ability to inhabit a song, and most importantly, his ability as an architect of guitar solos. Have you broken down or transcribed his solos? At his best, he leads you on a thematic journey that builds and climaxes, and he’s at his best quite often. I’ll take quality over quantity any day. He’s also chosen to avoid the predictable path of many guitar stars. Just listen to his fine album with his buddy JJ Cale, The Road to Escondido (2006). His playing is largely self-effacing on that outing, proving that he’s a bigger player than the other guitarists who view a song as merely an excuse for a 3 or 5 or (my gawd) a 10 minute solo just for the sake of showing off. That alone support the “God” justification in my book.

    • Thank you for you great analysis. I did break few of his solos and they are fabulous, if you have in mind one solo of his that I have to transcribe please let me know. I am always in need of new sources of improvement! Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

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