Guitar Legend #3

Guitar Legend #3

I know there are a lot to say about John Mayer, but still talent is talent! And I have to say, he can play the blues! He his a great inspiration for guitar playing.



March 18, 2013 · 2:43 pm

9 responses to “Guitar Legend #3

  1. I agree, he’s a phenomenal musician!

  2. When he first hit it big (with your body is a wonderland), I dismissed him as a Dave Matthews knock off. It’s nice to be proven wrong – he can play!

    • Yes he does 🙂 I agree some of his songs are not my type of music neither but when I listen to Gravity, Slow Dancing on a Burning Room, his covers of Jimi Hendrix and so on… I hear Genius!

  3. I love him. But only if he could write as well as he plays.. The music needs better lyrics. If he gets there, i don’t mind putting him next to Jimi Hendrix then.

    • In my humble opinion Hendrix is unreachable 🙂 but John Mayer does put his stone to the edifice (I don’t know if I can say that in english but you probably get the point) regarding music and guitar playing.

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